Benjamin Reeves has reported for high profile publications from around the United States, Latin America, India and Europe for more than a decade. As a journalist, Reeves’ areas of interest include business, finance, wealth, power, technology, the environment, science, technology and politics.

He has contributed to publications including: The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Awl, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Wrap Pro, The Street, Talking Points Memo, The Tico Times, The Galesburg Register-Mail, International Business Times / Newsweek Media, GlobalPost, PRI’s The World, Monocle24 Radio, Revue Antigua, Vice, Vice News and Worth. He was also a researcher for Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions and Netflix’s documentary series “Dirty Money.”

Over the years, Reeves has interviewed many notable individuals in science, politics, entertainment and business including former Vice President Joe Biden, former HBO CEO Richard Plepler, Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes, former Guatemalan attorney general and human rights activist Claudia Paz Y Paz, field biologist and Panthera head scientist Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, U.S. Senators Rand Paul and Kirsten Gillibrand, Foursquare founder Denis Crowley, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, technologist Peter Diamandis, world renowned geneticist Craig Venter, investor and conservationist Tom Kaplan, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, doctor Patch Adams, impact investor Liesel Pritzker, comedian Aasif Mandvi, philanthropist Kat Taylor, hedge fund manager Joon Yun, and tech investor Robert F. Smith among many others.

Reeves currently freelances for a range of publications and most recently was Senior Special Projects Editor at Worth magazine. At Worth he supervised a team of freelance reporters, developed and edited high profile opinion writers and contributors, and wrote or edited the publication’s major features, profiles and packages, including its award-winning annual Cities and Power 100 issues. He managed and edited the annual Power 100 ranking of the most powerful people in global finance, developed and hosted the publication’s first ever podcast, “Power & Impact,” and programmed and moderated live events, including the annual Power 100 Summit. His issues won first prize multiple times at the annual Folio Magazine Awards.

A complete index of stories can be viewed on Authory.

Recent Articles

Building a Complex World in Simple Steps

What we learned creating cross-platform fantasy storyworld Ballads of the Distant Reaches Some of today’s most ambitious stories take place within enormous, shared universes. Think of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, The Witcher, Marvel, The Lord of the Rings—the list goes on and on. Typically, these movies, TV shows, books, video games, and comics draw their inspiration from older source material. […]

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How To Make a Short Film Without Going (Totally) Crazy

There’s no right way to make a film, but there are things you can do to help it go more smoothly. A short film can be creatively fulfilling, a way for a writer or director to start bringing their vision to life, and—if it’s successful—a gateway into the film industry. Unfortunately, just because a film […]

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The Dividends of War: How Ukraine’s Entrepreneurs and Economists Are Fighting Back

“A lot of perceptions” changed for Maxim Shkolnick, a Ukrainian real estate entrepreneur and financier, on February 24, 2022. “I woke up in my house around five in the morning, and my wife was like, ‘we’re being bombed.’ Surreal concept, right? And then another missile hit.” He pauses. “When a ballistic missile hits the ground […]

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Do You Really Need An HQ?

Hybrid offices are challenging old assumptions and putting CHROs at the middle of a revolution in how we work. Over drinks on a recent rainy, early-Fall evening in Soho, the chief executive of a rapidly growing tech firm was debating the merits of leasing office space for a new global headquarters in Manhattan with an […]

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The Compensation Race Is On, And Anyone Could Win (Or Lose)

As wages rise, CHROs keep quiet and offices are on the chopping block. Unwelcome and unexplained specters seem to lurk everywhere these days. The Covid-19 pandemic, while ostensibly on the wane in nations with easy access to vaccines, continues to sow volatility and uncertainty in people’s lives and the markets, and the new Delta variant […]

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How Top CHROs Are Surfing The Talent Tsunami

The coronavirus pandemic upended the world of work, and now heads of human resources are pulling out the stops to win the war for talent. The coronavirus pandemic has already changed the world. The human tragedy is almost unfathomable, and its economic impacts continue to reverberate. Virtually overnight in March 2020, millions of workers shifted […]

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‘Joker’ Isn’t Dangerous – Our Apathy Is

The fuss over the film coincided with four real-life murders that were entirely preventable.

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The Business of the Border — Why America’s Economy Depends on San Diego

Thanks in large part to a border economy that defies stereotypes and a world-class scientific community, a city famous for its surf is riding a different kind of wave.

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Can Savannah Survive a Trade War?

Savannah, Ga., known worldwide for its historic architecture and cultural richness, has a grittier but no less important asset: the Port of Savannah, a massive engine helping to drive the modern global economy.

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How Tech Titans Are Disrupting Philanthropy

Bay Area tech entrepreneurs have changed how we communicate and do business. Now the community is trying to disrupt philanthropy by reinventing capitalism.

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How George Lucas’ New Museum Could Transform Downtown LA

Star Wars creator George Lucas’ vision of a museum of narrative art is big, bold and unapologetically popular. And Los Angeles, with its unique mix of high and low culture, is the perfect place to build it.

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Russell Okung Plays Offense

The NFL player is an agent, an angel investor and activist and a philanthropist.

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Liesel Pritzker Simmons’ Family Values

In the 1990s, she was a successful child actress. Now, after striking out on her own, an heir to one of America’s most famous fortunes is putting that money to good work.

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The “Billions” Producers Talk Power

Showtime’s hedge fund drama is television’s most insightful show about financial power. So Worth asked executive producers David Levien and Brian Koppelman to tell us where—and how—they get their material.

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Meet The Naked Billionaires

Why men like Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein lie about their wealth, and why the New York City business media lets them.

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Did Fearless Girl Change Anything for Women on Wall Street?

When State Street Global Advisors launched a woman-oriented exchange traded fund and placed the Fearless Girl statue in Lower Manhattan, the financial firm said it wanted to change the way thousands of companies do business. Two years later, is Wall Street a better place for women?

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The Ghost of the Jungle

In remembrance of Alan Rabinowitz, one of the modern era’s great conservation scientists.

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Making the Difference

Erika Irish Brown ’98, global head of diversity and inclusion for financial-information powerhouse Bloomberg, is working to disrupt the modern-day workplace and open its doors to the world.

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Online fake news and hate speech are fueling tribal ‘genocide’ in South Sudan

South Sudan became the world’s newest country in 2011. But since breaking from Sudan, it’s been riven by its own internal conflicts between clan groups, minor warlords and government factions.

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Resistance at the Crossroads of the World

Protests at John F. Kennedy airport against President Trump’s immigration policies highlight competing strains of American history.

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The Fourth Estate Needs a Superhero

With journalism increasingly under attack, a new interpretation of Superman hits hard.

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The Man Behind The Thrones

Entertainment powerhouse HBO is at the top of its game thanks to CEO Richard Plepler’s constant focus and love of storytelling.

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The King of Cats

Billionaire conservationist Tom Kaplan is pursuing an audacious quest to save the world’s great cats from extinction.

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Belcher Family Values

“Bob’s Burgers” is an exception in the world of animated sitcoms: The Belchers actually like each other.

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The High End

Entrepreneur Travis Howard wants to reform America’s marijuana laws by growing and selling the best, most expensive pot in the country. His argument? If pot is a luxury good, then the wealthy will buy it—and if the wealthy are buying it, the government won’t prosecute it.

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Drug traffickers are wiping out the jaguar in Central America

The international drug trade is destroying vital habitat out of reach of the law throughout Latin America.

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Private Equity’s Philosopher

Robert F. Smith ’94, founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, finds value in the people and places that are most often ignored.

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Will This Man Save Your Life?

Craig Venter was the first scientist to sequence any genome, the first scientist to sequence the human genome and the first scientist to create a synthetic organism.

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The Search for Immortality

Deploying their immense wealth, business and tech impresarios are investing in their next disruption: ending death.

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U.S. Moves to Stop Surge in Illegal Immigration

Contributed on the ground reporting on Vice President Joe Biden’s trilateral summit on immigration in Guatemala City, including press pool coverage and interview with the Vice President.

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Guatemala’s Anti-Mining La Puya Protesters Are Under Siege

The communities around San Jose del Golfo have engaged in a two-year long peaceful resistance to prevent the construction of a new mine.

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The Humanitarian Crisis in Guatemala City’s Immense Garbage Dump

The basurero neighborhood is desperately poor, lacks basic social services, and offers residents little hope of escaping.

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The Drunken, Devilish Mayan God Still Worshipped in Guatemala

He’s the kind of god you pray to when you really want a motorcycle.

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Beer Wars, Guatemala Edition

A family feud at Guatemala’s Gallo beer brewer has opened doors to what could be Anheuser-Busch InBev’s next big gulp.

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The Deadly, Drunken Day of the Dead Horse Race

By the time the race begins the riders are already intoxicated after an entire night of drinking, and they’ll spend the rest of the day getting even more wasted, while riding back and forth on a track that goes from one end of the village to the other.

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