2022 Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival selects Crossing Acheron as semi-finalist

It’s wonderful to see that Crossing Acheron, a strange little labor of love I made during the height of the pandemic, continues to connect with viewers. The Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival in Chicago is a great venue, and I am pleased to announce that their committee has selected our film as a semi-finalist.

Crossing Acheron is a science fiction short film about a woman who is faced with an existential choice: Live out her days in a cold city in the midst of a plague or forsake her mortal coil and upload her consciousness to an AI generated world where she can joined her deceased mother. While it’s science fiction right now, these sorts of possibilities may be closer on the horizon than we think.

The festival is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 8–9, 2023, and more info is available here. As always, reviews or industry folks interested in watching a screener may contact me through this website. Thanks!