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Benjamin Reeves is an award winning screenwriter and entertainment creator. He works across platforms — including podcasts, graphic novels, film, TV and documentary — as well as genres. While much of Reeves’ screenwriting is based on his work as a journalist covering everything from tiger poaching in India to financial intrigue in New York City, he also regularly writes science fiction, fantasy, neo-noir, horror and action narratives.

His screenplays have earned numerous accolades and awards including winner at the 2020 Big Apple Film Festival, finalist for the Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship, quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Competition and an official selection for the 2020 Stowe Story Lab. Screenplays available upon request.

Recent Screenplays

Ballads of the Distant Reaches

I am the creator and co-editor of Ballads of the Distant Reaches, a bi-weekly anthology of illustrated fantasy short stories. I created this project and storyworld beginning in mid-2021 and brought on co-creator and co-editor Robert Frankel shortly thereafter. This project brings together some of the top genre writers working today with an incredible team […]

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Crossing Acheron

A woman grapples with the existential implications of a new AI technology, her mother’s death, and the blurring boundaries between the physical and digital, life and death.

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Kane the Gunslinger

After breaking out of a deep space prison, a violent criminal is confronted by a cosmic being who challenges him to save his distant ancestor — a young Apache girl — in pursuit of lost gold in the old American west.

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Ghost of the Jungle

Inspired by a true story, American field biologist Alan Rabinowitz confronts violent gangs and corrupt police in the jungles of 1980s Belize as he struggles to become a voice for the threatened jaguar.

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When a conspiracy theorist murders a notorious white-collar criminal and sex abuser, he finds himself enamored with the man’s daughter — a young, progressive media mogul — and the two embark on a dark and twisted journey to uncover the rot at the heart of American capitalism.

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Private Army

Can there be loyalty in a world where everything, even violence, is for sale? Private Army is a groundbreaking nine episode premium short-form series set in the high stakes world of private military contractors. This is a world where presidents are deposed, diamond mines are plundered and political opponents assassinated—for a price.

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Metamorphoses follows the Ancient Roman poet Ovid as he navigates intrigue, love and violence in Augustus’ imperial court. Each episode interweaves the mythological tales of Ovid’s greatest poetic work, the Metamorphoses, with power politics and a story of star crossed lovers.

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  • Feature and TV screenwriting
  • Story development
  • Narrative consulting
  • Cross-platform and transmedia storytelling including TV, film, graphic novels, comic books, social media and podcasts
  • Video game writing
  • Script doctoring, polishing and editing
  • World building and character creation

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