Private Army

Television (Premium Short Form) & Comic Book

Can there be loyalty in a world where everything, even violence, is for sale? Private Army is a groundbreaking nine episode premium short-form series set in the high stakes world of private military contractors. This is a world where presidents are deposed, diamond mines are plundered and political opponents assassinated—for a price.

The most successful people are those that prize ruthlessness and cunning above all else. In Private Army, the most dangerous individuals are true believers in the survival of the fittest and are just a comfortable riding shotgun in a Black Hawk as doing a capital raise on Wall Street. In this world, fear almost always trumps love, and there’s no such thing as truth.

Private Army embraces the action and intrigue of Jack Ryan, the moral quandaries of Three Kings, the highest peaks and lowest lows of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the no-holds-barred skullduggery and bling of Billions. Co-created by Reeves and screenwriter Wade Smith, the show is intended for a premium short-form streaming and is also in development as a companion graphic novel with concept art and pages drawn by artist Camilo Aguirre.