Television (1-Hour Drama)

Metamorphoses follows the Ancient Roman poet Ovid as he navigates intrigue, love and violence in Augustus’ imperial court. Each episode interweaves the mythological tales of Ovid’s greatest poetic work, the Metamorphoses, with power politics and a story of star crossed lovers. Ovid’s storytelling makes him a star at court, but his rising profile soon makes him a pawn in a hidden power struggle between the emperor, wealthy merchant Maecenas and the brutal general Agrippa.

Equal parts Game of Thrones and The Great, the hour-long drama is deeply informed by history and literature, and it mixes toxic intrigue with the most powerful mythological tales ever told. Metamorphoses is strongly informed by Reeves’ undergraduate and graduate research in Classical literature and history, including at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy and via New York University’s Draper Program.