Ghost of the Jungle

Feature Screenplay

Inspired by a true story, American field biologist Alan Rabinowitz confronts violent gangs and corrupt police in the jungles of 1980s Belize as he struggles to become a voice for the threatened jaguar.

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz was one of the world’s leading scientific experts on great cats—species such as jaguars, lions, tigers and cheetahs—and their conservation in the wild. He was responsible for the creation of the Jaguar Protected Corridor and worked across North and South America, Africa and Asia. He overcame a debilitating childhood stutter and became a lifelong stuttering advocate.

During his 2009 appearance on the Colbert Report, Rabinowitz’ account of growing up with a stutter and becoming a “voice for the animals” brought Steven Colbert to tears. Reeves worked closely with Rabinowitz during the Journey of the Jaguar in Colombia and Brazil, interviewing him extensively and ghostwriting his blog and journal entries.